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MADgical Productions

Board and Card Game Design Workbook

Board and Card Game Design Workbook

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Unleash your creativity and bring your game design dreams to life with our innovative Game Design Workbook, crafted in alignment with our core values of integrity, innovation, and honesty. This organized and whimsical workbook is here to guide you through the exciting process of creating up to 5 board, card, or tabletop games.

Key Features:

Structured Guidance: This workbook is meticulously designed to lead you through the creation of your games, providing dedicated space for brainstorming, recording, and reflecting on your unique game design journey. Embrace the spirit of innovation as you navigate the creative process.

Comprehensive Sections: Identify the title, genre, and components of your game with dedicated pages, ensuring a thorough exploration of your vision. Our commitment to honesty is reflected in the transparency of the workbook, guiding you through every aspect of game creation.

Invaluable Insights: At the back of the workbook, discover a short guide filled with tips, tricks, and information to assist you in refining your game design. This resource embodies our dedication to excellence, providing you with the tools needed to elevate your game to new heights.

Craft Your Game's Story: Dive into the storytelling aspect of your game and plan the immersive experience for your players during gameplay. With dedicated space for playtesting notes, goals, and takeaways, this workbook ensures that your game evolves with every iteration.

Ample Note Space: Most importantly, find numerous pages of note space to record every spark of inspiration for your game. Whether it's drafting rules, sketching cards, or refining components, this workbook provides the freedom and space for your creativity to flourish.

Be Prepared to Share: Sum up the key components of your game and craft a compelling elevator pitch. This preparation aligns with our values of integrity and honesty, ensuring that you can confidently share your game with all who are eager to listen.

Embark on this journey of imagination and innovation, where your ideas can thrive, and your game design aspirations can become a reality. With our Game Design Workbook, let the values of integrity, innovation, and honesty guide you as you shape the next great gaming experience.

Customer Reviews

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Caleb Evans
Good Workbook, Underpaid Shipping

The contents and layout of the workbook are decent. Gives plenty of space to work on several different games.

However, my package was held at the post office because of "underpaid shipping", so I had to pay the remainder, even though I had already paid to get it shipped.

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