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Board and Card Game Design Workbook

Board and Card Game Design Workbook

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Do you have ideas to create your own board or card game? This workbook will help guide you in some of the process and give you dedicated space to brainstorm, record, and reflect on your game design.

This an organized workbook that will guide you through the creation of up to 5 board, card, or tabletop games. In the back of the workbook, there is a short guide with tips, tricks, and information to assist you.

There are pages for you to identify the title, genre, and components of your game. There are also brainstorming pages, areas to write about your game in detail, and an area to sum up the key components of your game as well as write a short elevator pitch so you are prepared to share your game with all who are willing to listen.

Tell your game's story and plan the experience of your players during gameplay. Have a dedicated space for playtesting notes, goals, and takeaways. Most importantly, many pages of note space to record anything you think of for your game, draft rules, sketch cards or components o

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