MADgical Productions

Why We Do This

Our mission is to bring family and friends together through innovative, American-made products that embody the values of integrity, honesty, and quality. We are committed to fostering connections, creating memorable experiences, and upholding the highest standards of excellence in everything we do. Our dedication to innovation and authenticity sets us apart, as we strive to enhance the moments that matter most. With unwavering integrity and a passion for American craftsmanship, we aim to be a trusted companion in your journey of building cherished memories with your loved ones.

Our History

 MADgical Productions was born almost immediately after we decided to make a card game.  However, the very origins of the company have been around since 2009 with Mitchell's gaming Youtube channel. At MADgical Productions we have put a strong emphasis on keeping everything American made.  We also try to locally source everything we can.  Our t-shirts will be made in Gilbert, Arizona while all of the game components will be made in Madison, Wisconsin. Robyn, a founding member, unfortunately departed MADgical Productions in 2023 to move onto bigger and better opportunities.

  • Mitchell Drake

    Mitchell has always been a fan of all things nerdy. From video games to tabletop games to card games, Mitchell has been strategizing since he was a child. With immense ambition and creativity, Mitchell is the CEO and Lead Designer of MADgical Productions.