The United Fleet


World War spread across the nations until the final Battle of Djurab, where a transpatial explosive split the East African Platial Rift, setting off volcanoes and massive gaseous geysers that blacked out the sky for over a year (The Lost Year). The planet had already depleted fossil fuel reserves by this point and had turned largely to solar farming. The Lost Year thus removed power grids from roughly 85% of the world. Only the wealthiest could stockpile and provide themselves power. This led to rioting and a class war where millions more died. This unrest and distrust of existing political systems over the next 10 years lead to the formation of a new global identity, the New United Republic of Earth. Their first mission was a focus on interstellar colonization since the previous governments had been incapable of responsibly dealing with global warming, now exasperated by the events of Djurab. Global colonization is designed in a four part system. First, sending in light military and engineers to examine the planet, followed by heavier military if needed, then colonies who will receive supply shipments and protection for 10 years. After 10 years survival is analyzed and adjustments are made to the population size of flourishing engagements.

United Fleet Chapters