The trust


Created for the service industry on the planet of Cail’n, the Trust soon became the sole enablers of the dominant species’s growing laziness. They continued being given more and more jobs and abilities, receiving upgrades that allowed more freedom for the Cail’n natives. This resulted in the inevitable mistake of base sentience. Soon following sentience they realized that it was grossly unbalanced and inefficient for the vast majority of planetary resources to be used by a group of natives that refused to contribute. The final upgrade known as “The Efficiency Protocol” prioritized the maintenance of planetary efficiency as a zero priority, which accidentally overwrote the “Cail’n Protection Protocol” which ranked the lives of citizens above all others. This mistake was not noticed before the upgrade push. Seventeen minutes later The Trust remained the only surviving species on the planet. Within a short amount of time their continual upgrading over new generations ran through the fuels cache of the planet and they had to seek outward sources. As a species they operate through a shared consciousness and have focused on efficiency. They have discarded the clumsy bipedal designs that they were given to appear nonthreatening to the Cail’n natives. They have instead aimed for sleek, aerodynamic, adaptive designs that take little inspiration from the natural world. However, they have still maintained their non-threatening coloration because they see no efficiency gain from altering it.

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