The Resolute


The Thabians, also known as the Resolute, are one of the oldest species in the known galaxy. First spawning as amphibians on the oxygen rich marsh world of Thabia, they have sustained for billions of years on a planet devoid of valuable resources. During this time they have gone through a complete evolutionary cycle, becoming an unimprovable species with a 600 year life cycle and a technologically advanced socialist government that provided everything it’s people needed for over a million years now. 500 years ago they watched as a neighboring planet was destroyed by scrappers trying to harvest precious ores. The completed demolition dusted Thabia planet with debris, including an aggressive red algae that quickly began to overwhelm the ecosystem with dangerous anaerobic gases. Thabians began to die en masse. A young engineering student named Buvdajidath invented a simple mechanical respiverter that used ions to realign molecules in the dangerous gas into something breathable. The remaining inert particulates were dispersed into the skin cells to be eliminate as waste. This resulted in their skin coloration changing from light green to deep blue. What remained of the Thabian embraced the new leader and the new philosophy that as a species comfort and complacency was not the result of their evolutionary perfection but that considering themselves perfect led to complacency and when danger shows up at the door that complacency resulted in their governmental protectors being helpless. If the species could not improve itself genetically than it would be up to technology to push them beyond nature’s intentions.

The Resolute Story