The Hʉru are the native peoples of the planet Hʉruja. The game focuses on the Hʉrunamji tribe who live in the large tropical forests of the Eastern continent. Inspired by the giant insects that live in the caverns of the North Mountain range, known as the Pavihnja, they have constructed a matriarchal society with female leadership and a male hunting/protectorate class. Their culture is defined as pre-bronze age with no written word and only the basic understanding or metallurgy. Their primary focus is religious in nature as

they steward the land and split their worship between the Planet herself, personified as a benevolent but temperamental mother figure, and her children, the Pavihnja. These insects are seen as providing hands from the planet spirit. They give the people a long lasting fuel in their waste, their chattering serves as a warning sign of major weather events, and nearing death they will pull themselves from the caves into the open. Prayer is offered and then the body is allowed to be harvested for the tribe; their carapaces fashioned into armor and their mandibles, wings, and legs used to create various weapons and tools. These

items last years as the insect husks are high in chitin as well as veins of crystalline growth that results from their diet and water supply underground.

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