About Us

MADgical Productions

 MADgical Productions was born almost immediately after we decided to make a card game.  However, the very origins of the company have been around since 2009 with Mitchell's gaming Youtube channel. At MADgical Productions we have put a strong emphasis on keeping everything American made.  We also try to locally source everything we can.  Our t-shirts will be made in Gilbert, Arizona while all of the game components will be made in Madison, Wisconsin. 

Mitchell Drake

 Mitchell has always been a fan of all things nerdy. From video games to tabletop games to card games, Mitchell has been strategizing since he was a child. With immense ambition and creativity, Mitchell is the CEO and Lead Designer of MADgical Productions.  

Robyn Tober

 Robyn also has been into the scene of nerds, having worked for Phoenix Comicon for several years, Robyn has seen her fair share of sci-fi, fantasy, and other genre books, shows, movies, and more. Robyn's organization and drive to always keep going makes her the Chief Operating Officer and Outreach Coordinator of MADgical Productions.  



 Celeste was an idea born on a plane flight. We wrote down everything that came to our heads, knowing we wanted to make a deck-builder type of card game. For the most part, the game's cards and ideas have stayed the same with minor tweaks. This miracle child of a game is something we are ferociously proud of and we can't wait to share more of it with you all!